I Will Go Without

I will go without calling you!
You do not deserve a phone call.
You are unworthy to hear my voice.
Who are you to think you can learn of my feelings,
And act as though you’re privileged?
I may have confessed my heart, but darling,
I am far from being 15.
If age has given me one thing,
It would definitely have to be wisdom.
Too many years, too much experience, and so many tears
Have taught me long ago and well.
You will have to earn the right to my heart.
I don’t care what I feel for you.
That’s what makes a woman so unique.
She knows better than to follow her heart.
She uses her head.
If you think I’m about to give in to your adolescent games of jealousy,
You are so sadly mistaken, and headed down a dead end road.
You, nor other any other man, are worth fighting over.
I will not lower myself and be so unladylike,
More importantly unChristlike.
If you want a relationship, you better get your act together.
I don’t have time for little boys and their
“I’m every woman’s gift” phase.
I want a man… a Christlike man, or nothing at all.
Jesus does not deserve to be put in the same class as man.
And to allow you to play these games,
Any not put God first in this whole relationship,
Would be doing worse.
You can share Jesus with me or play with someone else.
I will not compete with you, nor for you!
Jesus is all I need!
Thank God He doesn’t play games.
Honesty and trust have never been sweeter
As it is with the Man of my life.
The only One who truly deserves my love… Jesus Christ!

5-23-1997 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. I can not tell you how hard it was not to rip this up, especially to share it with the world. I am not a “you’re not worthy” kind of thinking person. I don’t even like having attitude. I will just be grateful as the Lord reminds me it shows my growth in Him. I was… I am no longer a doormat. I am in love with my Savior and only want to share a life or any dating time with someone who loves Him too… so much that Jesus is the center of our relationship… of our everything!

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