Alone… With Jesus

Jesus, so many times I feel so alone.
But I know You’re always with me,
So why do I feel so alone?
Your love is all I need,
Yet I actually crave for companionship.
I’m secure with my future and where You stand in my heart (First!).
It’s just that desire that puts this horrible, lonely feeling in my heart
That disappoints me.
I want to be faithful to You,
Not just in body, as I finally have been and continue to be,
But in mind, spirit, and all ways humanly (with God’s strength) possible.
I want to be Yours all the way.
I don’t want to be a disappointment or discouragement to others
Who are watching me for the joy
In loving, serving, and being true to a heavenly God.
I want them to know how elated I feel and am,
Just knowing I have the privilege to feel Your presence,
And to so gracefully have been chosen
By a wonderful and mighty God,
To serve and love Him.
You are everything I need.
If You will help me (as I know You will be happy to),
I will do my best to always remember,
Not only are You with me,
But I am with You… someone who knows
What it feels like to be alone, inside and out,
While walking with God.
In Your name I pray. AMEN.
Your sister, friend, and companion.

6-29-1996 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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