Loneliness of a Christian Girl

Love is strong, and passion so powerful.
How does a Christian girl survive?
I know, I know. With God’s loving hand,
But even God knows my heart.

How I yearn and desire,
And feel my soul on fire.
Yes my faith is strong,
And my courage still standing.
I just don’t think my heart is as understanding.

I love God with all my might,
Still my human desires fight.
All I want is a kiss or two,
Or maybe even to say, “I love you.”
But I’m so easily influenced,
And my weaknesses are many.
How can I set so close
Without committing sin with any?

Oh Christian moon
Of God’s green earth,
How dare you tease
A Christian girl.
I see your rays.
I feel your glow.
Your heavenly stars
I intimately know

I long to love
Another soul
And feel his arms
Warmly hold.
His gentle touch.
His sexy voice.
To be his wife.
To be his choice.
To be the love
Of just one man
And share a life
Hand in hand

What wishes could bring.
What wishes could do.
Why won’t God grant me
One or two?
Yes, I know my Jesus has
Blessed me greatly.
I’m just a Christian girl
Feeling loneliness lately.

I thank You, my Lord,
For all You have done.
Help me to find comfort
In the love of Your Son.
For no other man
Could give me as much.
His dying love
Surpasses any touch.

1-17-1996 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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