Lead Me Closer to You

You and I alone share my thoughts,
My problems,
My wishes,
My dreams,
And even my regrets.

How do we get me past falling back on the past?
How do we erase that comforting feeling that
My non-Christian friends gave me in beautiful friendship,
And replace it with the comfort of walking in Your love,
And serving You?

I know they gave me an undying love,
But Jesus Christ died to give me love and my life.
Every waking day and night I want my thoughts,
My dreams,
My breath,
To be with and for the love of GOD.

Jesus gave me so much and I have yet to give Him anything.
My non-Christian friends need Your love too, I know.
For them You also died.
But, dear Lord, You know how little influence I have on them,
Yet how very influential they are on me.

How can I walk a path with You, my Father,
If I keep running down those same old dead ends
Just to visit my friends?
They keep playing so close to the edge…
The “dead end.”
If I’m not careful,
Holding their hand through life is going to condemn mine,
And I’ll go right over the edge with them.
My soul will be in jeopardy.

Oh, Lord,
Please show me courage,
And wisdom,
And comfort,
And the path You wish for me to take.

Let the Holy Spirit be my teacher,
My guide,
My mentor,
My knowledge.
Lead me closer to You.
“Let me walk, dear Lord, close to Thee.”

Every waking night and day
Fill me with Your Holy Word, hidden in my heart,
And on my tongue with Your glory and praise.
Let me shine a light in my life that will signify to others
That You are my Light,
And my joy.
I love You always.
Your loving daughter.

1-30-1996 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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