Jesus, You Are So Special To Me

Jesus, You are so special to me.
You are everything I could possibly imagine, describe or picture.
You are my life, my heart, my soul.
I don’t ever want to let go.
To be without You would be to not have breath.
I would therefore die,
And serve a meaningless life of dirt.

You make me pure, whole, and brand new..
It’s almost like describing You,
But it’s about everything to do with You.
For You are a heavenly and Holy treasure
That only our God can create.
What joy it must be to be next to You.

How glorious the angels must feel to know You.
No wonder they make such a joyful noise.
How can anything anywhere close to You
Not be perfect and angelic?
How proud God must be of His only Son,
His righteous Son,
His perfect Son,
And His sacrificing Son.

I hope and pray You know how much I love You,
And thank You for dying for me.
No man has ever, nor could possibly love me as pure,
Strong, and unconditionally as You always do.
Praise God for You, my Saviour, my Christ~

1-21-1995 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Forever Loving You!

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