Allison’s Love for God

Allison was strolling along the beach, looking over the ocean.
Birds flew above in the open sky.
Cool waters splashed over her feet.
Dreams were playing with her mental friendliness.
Every time she heard the ocean splash against the sands, it reminded her of her sudden heartache.
For it wasn’t too long ago, she had trusted the hero of her life, the soul she had always searched for, and the man who always promised to love her because without her he wouldn’t want to live, that he wouldn’t want to be alive, that he wouldn’t be able to breathe, think, or even smile for one lonely moment of his ever dying life that would fade with the sunlight that awakened them every morning in their bed of paradise that was created by the sole emotion and feeling of love being the food that fed their hungry.
God had not told her she would awaken one morning to this promise.
He had filled her with the strength to survive though.
In every thing she remembered sad, He reminded her of the good.
Jesus had been her best friend, and in this case her comfort.
Knowing that gave her an inner peace.
Little did she know God was bringing her a new true hero to her near future.
Maybe it would be awhile before He revealed it to her, but He would.
Nevertheless, the ocean and the sun were such sweet lovers to her sense of being loved.
Only God could provide this beauty, and she knew it.
Paradise was right before her, all around her.
Quickly, she ran into the shallow waters.
Running, she felt so in love with a love that truly loved her too.
She would never be able to find this in a man,
This was something only God could give.
Unless, of course, God gave her the man who could love her like this.
Viewing the sun glistening over the waters, she stood waist deep in the sea.
Waters waded back and forth around her body, rocking her playfully.
“X marks the spot in heaven,” she thought.
“You’ll never be able to take me away from God,” she whispered to the world.
Zack would be the name of the man that God had sent running along the beach, to soon find the lady that Zack had always dreamed of sharing his God with him.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Creative Writing challenge, Spring Class 1994
Taught by E.P.
In thought of Randee’s best friend Allison who was killed in a car accident.

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