Second Date

Second date.. What does that mean?
Does that mean you want to go out with me again?
Or that you just want to be with me again?
Do you want to talk with me more?
Or do you just like my company?
There’s nothing wrong with both, but I thought I’d just ask.
Nosey little me, I was curious.
I’m wondering what it is that made you want to come up and talk to me,
But you’ve already given me a reason for that
And I believe you.
Why would you lie to me? Or would you?
You seemed very nice.
So what is it that you like?
Do you see something you want?
Could you be slightly interested in meeting more of me…
All of me?
There’s so much to know.
But then who needs to know everything?
Mysterious is a good quality for someone to hold.
Why shouldn’t I?
You’re something I should hold.
Or should I?
Should I want to?
What if I did? Would you care?
If I didn’t, would you dare?
It could be a game,
But then that would be a shame
Because you’re really nice
And unworthy of a price.
How could you place a value on someone so kind?
Are you not that kind of a person?
Who am I? What am I? And why am I to you?
Have you not yet seen or understood
How easily I am confused?

5-12-1994 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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