A Poem to Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This is a poem to my favorite poets…
Elizabeth Barrett Browning and God!
I owe you and God a great deal of gratitude,
For the inspiration.
You’ve give me beauty, love, and romance,
And a desire for my own writing creation.
Poetry, letters, and songs of praise
are the things I love to write.
Death, love, and sharing, as well as youth, dance, romance,
And the things the Proverbs and Psalms recite.
Thank you for giving me the gift and respiration,
And for the blessing of Elizabeth Barrett Browning,
Who I also thank for beautiful language
And inspirational love that
I would like to hope too,
will someday pass on generation after generation.
You both have had the greatest impact in my life,
And in my soul.
You’ll forever be the parts that make my poetry
Poetically and romantically whole.

Written by Gail Brookshire

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