House of Memories

My favorite room,
In one of the houses I lived in throughout my life,
Is really outside.
The yard was always so beautiful, big,
And everyone could play, relax,
Or work in their own little world.
It was always easy to see the neighbors at home,
But you were so far away and in your own yard
That you didn’t have to visit if you didn’t want to.
I played in the street a lot, too.
I cheerleaded, played baseball,
Was a complete tomboy,
And lived behind the projects,
As well as lived on a street with a lot of children.

This house in particular,
Out of the twenty or thirty homes I lived in,
Was simply the enjoyment of
Having a lot of my most important life events
Happen there.
I found my first love, my first crush,
My first kiss of passion, my first of sex,
My first best-friend.
I only lived there three years straight
(the longest we had live anywhere),
But that was the nearest thing I had
To being permanent in my life.

3-8-1994 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: assignment from Creative Writing Class of Spring 1994,
Taught by E,P.

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