Friendship Shouldn’t Be Hard to Enjoy

Friendship, should it be so hard? I think not.
It should be of love and sharing all you’ve got.
It shouldn’t be “I must change for you,”
Or “Let’s do things your way.”
It should just be “Let’s do it.”
Together or not. Winning or losing.
If two people are different or have different opinions
That are of different values, that’s life.
It’s just two people saying we think differently on occasions,
Just as we think alike on many more.
Don’t hate me because I’m different.
Just understand that I am not the same as you.
I am not you.
I was not meant to be like you,
And I can never be like you
Because I am me.
My own individual.
So I must be myself.
After all, I am a very special person
And should not cheat myself of my unique personality,
Just as you are a very special person
And should never refrain yourself from knowing you.
In return you should never try to force me to be like you,
Or hate me for not wanting to be you,
Whereas I should never push my morals and way of believing on you,
And hate you for not living the way I choose.
Friends are a relationship.
Something we should have to work hard on,
But should never be so hard to enjoy.

9-26-1993 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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