You Can’t Have My Love

No. You can’t have my friendship back.
You betrayed me. Concern you lacked.
You brought me pain and smiled in pleasure.
My worst nightmare was your to treasure.
You hurt me so bad, I cried.
My friendship with the world died.
You can’t come back and pretend it’s OK.
You never even apologized for hurting me, in any way.
At one time, you never thought you hurt me,
And still didn’t understand why when you heard me.
You just came crying about your life in despair.
I guess you thought I would actually care.
But when you choose our friendship last,
You made it a permanent part of our past.
Friends who saw me through my pain with support
Need my love and concern. They deserve so much more.
So no, I won’t exclude them, or make you the only one.
If you wanted my friendship, you shouldn’t have done what you’ve done.
Progressed by pain, I’ve grown through the ache.
To let you back in, would be my only mistake.

7-3-1993 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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