What Happens With Men

Woe, woe, oh to the slow.
Watch the water, but let him go.
He’s a beginning, a way to be all.
But he’s got to wait for the final call.
Hold up a hand, help him inside.
There’s nothing left, no one to hide.
What?! When?! Where do I run?
There’s nothing there, but the damage is done.
You could be wrong. You could be right.
You could be a rebellious fight.
Someone help – my baby’s falling.
I came to him – his final calling.
He came to the end. He came to the place.
I could show you his mark, but I forgot his face.

Written by Gail Brookshire

4 thoughts on “What Happens With Men

    1. There were expectations that were not met. He did not express them when trying to simply begin a relationship. After dating a few months, they were clearly expressed when I was informed of failing to meet them. This led to demands I was unable and unwilling to meet, especially since someone else was… while we were still “engaged” according to him.
      Both sides have expectations in a relationship and should share them, as well as have patience enough to talk about them regardless of what stage of the relationship they arise. A lesson for me to grow from.

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        1. I am completely different person now, and have given ALL parts of my life to God. By waiting for what/who God wants in my life, I have faith that all things will be for His glory!
          Thank you for your kind words and spoken blessings. God loves you!

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