The Love Within a Child

The love within a child before he has seen tragedy and after may seem to be different, but it is very much the same. He is the same child in body, but his mind has gained knowledge.

Before a child is introduced to trauma, his love is strong, pure, and unable to destroy. He feels free enough to run through a field barefooted and carefree.

The child after seeing trauma has strong, pure, and certainly indestructible love. He just runs through the field protected by shoes and prepared for falls.

Also the child before misery enjoys sharing, loving, and laughing. He’ll spend the night with a friend, and gets to know the friend through sharing, loving, and laughing.

The child after misery likes to share, love, and laugh with a friend as well. However, he will take time to get to know his friend first; then, spend the night.

Though the child after tragedy may need or seek counseling to overcome withdrawal and bitterness, he will come to terms with life and learn to live again. His mind may be a little wiser, but his heart is just as tender as the child before.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: SJ challenging me to write about persuasion

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