Maybe It’s Time

Maybe it’s time to quit.
Maybe it’s time to move.
Maybe it’s time to stop believing
I always have to prove.
Maybe it’s useless.
Maybe there’s no point in continuing.
Maybe it’s time to stop the self-abuse
And letting others use me.
Maybe it’s got to stop.
Maybe it’s got to break.
Maybe it’s just the ultimate step
My heart’s been needing to take.
God is there waiting for me,
And He sees everything I’ve done.
It’s time to stop the filthiness.
I only thought I was having fun.
God has been very patient.
God has been very caring.
It’s time to give Him EVERYTHING!!
And STOP this wasteful sharing!
I love you, God!

1-30-1992 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero!

2 thoughts on “Maybe It’s Time

  1. Very powerful, especially “Maybe it’s time to stop the self-abuse, And letting others use me.” 1992.. I think it’s wonderful you still have these to look back on, see how things have changed, how far you’ve come. x

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    1. PTL! It has been hard not to delete some because they can be so personal and seem so evil. Thank you for your kind kinds word, they genuinely give me courage to trust that this is ALL FOR HIS GLORY! ❤ God loves you.

      Liked by 1 person

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