Plagiarism is not the creativity or talent of a person’s writing ability,
But the stealing of a writing or ideas
That are not the creation of the person being given credit for it.
A poem in a magazine may have been the result of plagiarism.
The person who sent it in may have copied it
Out of a book or other magazine,
Just to get the credit for writing it.
A music artist may have produced a song that was plagiarized.
The song would have been credited to the music artist on his or her album,
But was stolen from its original writer.
A motion picture movie may have been the creation of plagiarism.
The film may have been created by the ideas that were stolen
From a writer’s script that had not yet been published.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: When my English Professor and friend JS told me and a fellow classmate/writer that I was prolific, I thought she was trying to insult me. She smiled as they both laughed at me, and she explained that she was saying I had innate writing ability. Again I thought she was insulting me.So again they laughed, as she explained that I was born with the natural ability to write in meter, rhyme, and form, even without training. She said it was refreshing to read writing that she knew was not plagiarized. She had to explain that as well. I don’t know who was more surprised… her that I did not know the definition nor that people did that, or me to think anyone would steal someone else’s life experiences or thoughts when they have plenty of their own. She challenged me to write on it.

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