At 9 Years Old

At 9 years old, I was placed into a children’s home by my parents.
They were quick to trick me and my brothers into staying the night,
Not letting us know it would be for months.
They first took us on a joyride (they said),
And then asked us if we’d like to see a neat place to play.
Once there, then they asked us if we’d like to meet some kids there.
When we went inside, we were introduced to these people,
Who we didn’t know were going to be our house parents,
And they asked us if we would like to spend the night.
Once our parents were gone, around dark,
We were then instructed to go to our rooms,
Cut off the lights, and go to sleep.
We weren’t allowed to leave the light on or have the door cracked.
I was so confused.
My parents had taken me out of a normal home environment,
From my brothers and one sister,
And placed me into the hands of strangers,
Who made me sleep alone, cut off the lights, and go to bed early.
I cried so hard, trying to figure out why my parents left me,
When were they coming back,
Wishing they would hurry,
But most of all, why did they lie to me?
Where were my brothers and sister?

Written by Gail Brookshire

9 thoughts on “At 9 Years Old

  1. This is the horror that has been visited on too many children, not just immigrants, in this “loving” nation. How it can happen is beyond my comprehension. I could never be away from my son, while he was a child or teenager, for more than the hours it took to put food on the table.

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    1. 10 months later.
      Her 3 different reasons were:
      !. We were too wild/too out of control for her to handle.
      2. At the advisement of our local pastor because of our wild behavior.
      3. Because she could not afford us (though they had to pay a good sum every month for each of us to be housed there)
      My older sister stayed with my grandmother at this time because they were in a court battle over her just after my grandfather had died.
      Years ago as I developed my relationship with the Lord, I forgave my mom. My testimony of this is in a 2 part post on my blog gaillovesgod under the 30 Truth Aspects Challenge I did last year. I will be reblogging these posts again soon to praise God for being my hero!

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