So Much Pain

It’s pain. So much pain.
It hurts so bad.
It can be cured,
The wait is what’s so sad.
We argue and fight,
Keeping our nerves on edge.
But for now it’s just pain.
It’s an agging wedge.
It’s so strong… the pain.
I can’t find a way to ease it.
Just to comfort the pain a little.
To try, is just to tease it.
It’s so hard to stop
The pain that’s persisting.
I beg for mercy or comfort,
But the pain keeps insisting.
Help. there’s got to be a way.
To stop the pain and make it go away.
It’s just so horrible.
It hurts so much.
The pain’s so hard,
My fists are clutched.
Please help me.
The pain is so intense.
I want to get up,
But my pain still wins.
It’s just an agony, a death it seems.
To steal my breath, to steal my screams.
It’s so alarming how I hurt.
But to try and smile, makes it worse.

8-18-1992 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. God is my Healer! My Comfort!

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