No Music In The Air

It’s good to go without music.
Sometimes it feel great.
To know there is a moment
When memories will wait.
It’s not a funny time every time,
But it’s so much more convincing
To a heart that’s trying to understand
The loves who stand in fencing.
Why must everyone feel it’s crucial
To hear a song for every pain?
It’s the melodies that rip your soul
And fill your eyes with rain.
Sometimes it’s just a better feeling
To sit and think alone,
With no music in the air,
Or a D.J. on the phone.
Many times we’ve met a problem
To which we’ve sometimes solved.
But we were the ones who survived,
Even when music wasn’t involved.
Just give me time to think a little
And hear the peace in silent words.
I will again someday enjoy
The music in what I’ve heard.

3-28-1992 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: There used to be a time I was known for not being able to go without the radio 24 hrs a day. Now I am known for never turning it on because I either sing hymns, or just enjoy being able to hear my own thoughts. God is my hero!

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