Love Driven Deep

Behind this window, this pane of glass.
It makes me wish I could shatter though and hold you.
If I had to cut through my flesh to get to you, I would.
If only it weren’t so in between us.
I can’t stand knowing a sheet of glass is the only thing within our way.
The only things keeping us apart.
Oh please, let’s shatter it and make a scar of love.
“Crash!”…I’ve shattered it now.
I never knew I would die from this piece
That just happened to cut right through my heart.
It pierced so hard and drove so deep.
I couldn’t even survive long enough to see you and touch your smile,
After going through such extreme to get to you.
What happened to love? Why didn’t it bring us together?
Love is supposed to save us.
Maybe it died when I went through the window,
As the jagged edge sheared my heart.
Is this what your love does to everyone you hold?

5-7-1991 Tuesday
Written by Gail Brookshire
God is my hero.

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