Snow… that’s what brought us together.
It was when I got stranded.
The roads were blocked off,
And in the ditch I landed.
I was freezing in my damaged car,
Praying for a way.
And suddenly I saw a light,
And then he saved my day.
He took me to the local station,
And had my car towed in,
And as we waited for the return,
We talked of the way the day went.
He made me laugh at a lot that day,
And made me forget my sorrows,
Then said to me before He left,
“I’d like to call you tomorrow.”
From there it all went so well,
And we spent most of the season
Enjoying the activities of winter,
And that is why I say snow is the reason.

12-5-1990 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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