Tastefully Disgraceful

I must lay to rest my writing,
At least just for awhile.
For I have lost my way.
I’m lost within the smile.
Friends and loved ones are concerned
About my farewell now.
And I’m most glad they’re noticing
The troubles I found somehow.
For morals are of a Godly world,
And that is what I’m after.
But with every tempting flaw,
I surrender to disaster.
May I please ask of you,
Of anyone with whom I grew,
Would you please remind me more
Of the things I shouldn’t do.
Growing up and growing wise
Is hard to categorize.
For just when you think you’ve learned the truth,
You’ve fallen for the lies.
I need to find a way to be myself,
And still believe in God.
For the more I try to impress,
The more I have forgot.

12-2-1990 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Boy did I still have so much learning to do.
But at least I can see I was trying.
Thank You, God, for leading and teaching me.
God is my hero.

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