Like the Late Greats

Words written by the greats
Are the ones I long to write.
Most of them are now the lates,
But I meet them in the night.
My favorite one is Elizabeth,
She wrote “How Do I Love Thee.”
Wouldn’t you love to hear it read
As you rest beneath the tree?
And Edgar Allan Poe was great,
Although some find him depressing.
And last of all, but not at all least,
Shakespeare was the best.
He had a thought for everyone.
His life was not a test.
How I long to write like them
And leave the world my mark.
Simply to share the art of words
That come from within my heart.

11-15-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Wow. And here I thought I never had any favorites. 😉
Now I just want to write for God. He can do whatever He wants with it!

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