Repeat Offender

That’s what I am.
I keep committing the crime.
Just when I’m doing so well,
I fall one more time.
I can’t understand – why? –
Why do I keep doing this?
It’s an invitation to pain.
Yet, it’s what I seem to miss.
How am I ever going to
Find God again?
I can’t even walk away
From the everlasting sin.
Can anyone please help me?
My soul is falling fast.
And when it’s all over,
I’ll be a prisoner to my past.
What makes me keep going back?
Why can’t I stay away?
I’m afraid I’m heading for trouble
And the regretful judgment day.
If there is a path to take
To save my soul from the ache,
Please guide me, steal me,
Just stop the same mistake.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Thank You, God, for helping me find the way.
It’s so hard to see when so lost in the dark.
God is my hero! ❤

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