Along the city is a heart,
One I brought to be.
God gave His blessing
When I asked to choose me.
Across the miles of distance,
I know I’m on his mind,
For he is always saying mommy,
And looking close behind.
He runs and plays so joyfully.
The love he gives is great,
A hug for when I’m sad,
And a kiss to say it’s ok.
Most of all I miss his smile,
And how he laughs inside,
And how he sleeps at night.
I wonder what he hides.
As I must rest, I am in thought
Of my child I do miss.
Good night, my darling. God bless you.
Here’s a mommy’s kiss.

1-4-1990 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: ❤ For my son Anthoni

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