Adventure to my house of pain.
I want to drive you all insane.
First I’ll take you to my room
And let you see the face of doom.
Blood and slime, dripping wet.
Spiders hanging from their webs.
You’ll get tangled in the chains
I use to keep my guests restrained.
Knives hang high upon the skulls
Of those I found to be so dull.
Be careful of the skeletons.
Small and large, and bigger ones.
Watch your step along the way.
You just might cross body decay.
Then again you may discover,
Once you enter, you won’t recover.
So once again, I welcome you.
I just can’t swear you’ll make it through.

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. My old writing is not pleasant at all sometimes.
I am so glad God changed my heart, my life, and my writing!
God is my hero!

2 thoughts on “WELCOME!

  1. Oooo this is dark and moody and with a Halloween-esque vibe. I can feel the darkness through this. While I’m glad your writing can take a most positive turn these days, there’s still something that draws me to the piece, from the dark places I experience myself I guess. x

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    1. oddly enough I use to help run a well known haunted house in our area. People would drive from out of state, wait for hours in freezing temps and snow all over the ground, handing over any little ones with them too scared to go through, or forcing them to go through regardless of how terrorized they were. There was fun and purpose (thousands of dollars raised for 4 major charities), but also a lot of sad too.
      Glad you could see a fun side.

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