Changing My Ways

If I could change 10 things about myself,
I would start with the way I think.
I would remember the things that are happy,
And my depressing obsession would sink.
I would change the fact that I date somebody
I am not happy with.
And would never again have sex
With someone I think is sick.
The lies would have to stop.
I would never deceive another.
Hurting someone would be wrong.
And I’d be only a friend, not a lover.
And definitely, I would never say,
Oh how I long to die.
For what I am really saying is,
Oh won’t you watch me cry?

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: TW challenging me to write 10 things I would change about myself.
God answers prayer! God is my hero! ❤

2 thoughts on “Changing My Ways

  1. Something to change
    something not to change
    God knows what is best
    and if I trust in him
    nothing I’d like to exchange.

    Somewhere before the end
    and many times right at the start
    God shows us the way
    to walk in him
    and not to fall apart.
    This poem is beautiful,
    indeed a little dark,
    but I can see too
    that it comes from the heart.

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