God Knows 10.27.1989

God knows exactly what He’s doing.
He knows what’s for the best.
Sure we have to prove our love.
But believe me, you can pass the test.

Stop holding onto falling stars
And passing wishing wells.
Everything you’ve dreamed of
Is alive and living well.

Just take a look at what you have,
But from a different point of view.
God has selected your blessings,
And He’s given them each to you.

Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: my mother

7 thoughts on “God Knows 10.27.1989

    1. pretty amazing indeed 🙂 I had to put the date in the title as well because I had accidentally already named another poem with that same title in 2011. A common thing to do because I have written sy many. God truly blesses us.. especially with you! ❤
      Thank you for such dear words, my friend! ❤ I really need to catch up on your Seas and Sky Tales!

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      1. To know I used to write dates on my poems and proses too but somehow I lost track of a few. It’s a good way to go back in thanksgiving for how far God has brought us. I’ll go back to the tradition. Thanks a lot for your love 💞

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        1. He has led me in doing that. I used to write 20 or 30 a day, so I would note the day, date, and time. As number of poems grew, trying to categorize them alphabetically was so tedious. The Lord pointed out to me if I used dates, then I wouldn’t have to get out every single poem just to add the new. Now I am so grateful for being able to do just what you said! He knew all along He was making a testimony… for even me to look back on. Oh how He works to make us grateful! ❤ God's love is so awesome being shared!

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