To Be a Good Christian

What does it mean to be a good Christian?
How can anyone say they know?
Only God knows what’s in our hearts.
And He’s with us all the day.
Sure we make a few mistakes and probably always will,
But isn’t it up to God to decide which sin is bigger than the other?
He remembers that we are human.
That is something a lot of people forget.
If we love Jesus and pray to Him, and try to do our best,
Isn’t that being a good Christian?
I’m afraid I don’t know the answer.
But I do know I love God.
And though I may not be perfect, I am trying to do it His way.
Not mine or nobody else’s.
If anything is going wrong, I’m sure God will tell me,
And show me a way to fix it.
Thank You, God, for the knowledge
Of knowing You’re merciful and loving.

Written by Gail Brookshire
PS. Young Christian

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