Blood and Tears

Tears upon my pillow.
Blood upon my sheets.
The dagger within my heart,
And the nails beneath my feet.
Needles throughout my skull.
Jagged glass within my hands.
Fire upon my burning skin.
Spikes torn through my glands.
Burning coals upon my back.
Barbed wire tangled on my legs.
Iron stakes through my eyes.
A pitchfork through my head.
Snakes around my fragile ribs.
Maggots eat my hands.
A tear, a gasp, a little prayer.
Still you do not understand.

Written by Gail Brookshire

4 thoughts on “Blood and Tears

  1. Still, we don’t understand you say,
    But being tortured
    but I can see how you are
    molded by depression as clay,\.

    We don’t have to suffer that torture
    to know how it feels the pain,
    Seeing others being in this state
    of suffering without no gain,
    and not being able to help
    feels to me like being in chains.

    Please you must know for sure
    that when you feel obscure
    let me share my light
    shining with brightness
    and an intentiong being pure,
    don’t go away with your sorrow
    because by sharing this pain
    you may find the cure.

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