To Yourself

Down this road I walk,
With no one else to talk.
A lonely path I’ll take.
I’ll learn from my mistakes.
For in my world alone,
With God, I’ve greatly grown.
No one can experience your pain.
So there’s nothing left to gain.
Though they will definitely try
To break you down to cry.
You must protect yourself carefully,
And say there’s no one but God and me.
Enjoy your space from the crowd.
Where things aren’t quite so loud.
Your life is personal to you,
So do as you would do.
But keep it private at all times,
Where no one knows (in your mind).
As you begin to take a walk,
Tell yourself, I don’t need to talk.

8-14-1988 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Scared about a lot!

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