Living In a Sheltered World

Living in a sheltered world
Is a scared little girl.
Protection from a lonely night.
Things just don’t seem right.
Scared of being left forever alone.
Where there’s a shelter, there’s a home.
Lies to deceive one so young,
To disapprove of things she’s done.
A hypocritical life they lead.
For one’s pleasure, another must bleed.
Struggling to turn her life around,
For one more to bring her down.
Good versus bad, who will win?
To be forgiven of a continuous sin.
Heart against soul, will she come through?
I believe she will with a man like you.

8-14-1988 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: I used to write to and about Jodi L. Manners.
(I use to write under this pen name because I was so afraid of people knowing me personally… but became more comfortable with my own name… as if it was claiming my own life and taking responsibility for it.)

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