Such a Pretty Day

The pine trees have such a pretty green.
Pretty colorful leaves lie on the ground unseen.
Pretty oranges, light greens, dark greens, and brown.
And such a pretty green grass covers the ground.
Such a pretty shade of blue mixed clouds, catches an eye.
You feel so warm as they pass by.
Figures come to the eye, clouds before the storm.
They seem to ruffle, causing waves to form.
Higher in the sky is the bright shining sun.
Yet also the moon is seen, seems kind of fun.
Saturday is such a pretty day, it warms you so.
A peaceful and calm feeling comes, one I didn’t know.
Children laughing, parents amusing, so good to hear.
With such a feeling, it’s like heaven is just so near.
You almost feel like the world is so nice.
But today is special, with peace as the spice.
With the sun warming your skin and hair,
You let your mind wander, you’re in mid-air.
It’s such a pretty day.

3-16-1986 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Scared of our country being at war made me appreciate a pretty day.

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