I Still Wonder

As I sit and think of all life’s treasures,
Thoughts encounter my mind of all the pleasures.
The deep serenity and beauty in true romance.
I fear of having not one more chance.
Flowers, candy, and a moonlit night.
To walk hand in hand so close and tight.
Soft whispers in the ear, strong arms to cling to.
The look in the eyes that say, “I cherish you.”
No words needed, you can feel the emotion.
There’s a deep enticement of sincere devotion.
As his warm breathing chills the spine,
Kissing the neck so delicately, you feel divine.
Gentle caresses challenge the hidden desire.
True love is there, one a heart may require.
To talk of the future, of an engagement ring,
Set a wedding date to make it a sure thing.
The children you both want, naturally a son first.
All of that’s not present in my life for now.
I’ll straighten it out, as soon as I figure how.
Prayers are my best suggestions, they will do.
For I know the love of God has always been true.
Friends sometimes ask, “Do you really believe it’s enough?”
I say, “Yes, I’ll always look to our God above.”
I’m standing with Jesus. His love will always be.
Yet I still wonder, who will ever want to marry me?

1-24-1987 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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