Love Is Life

Life begins when our God puts us here.
Everybody’s happy and full of cheer.
You start to grow to love things forever.
But people die, you’re not always together.
So your heart learns to always hurt.
With people coming and going, it’s a curse.
The lasting curse of love, life, pain.
You’re to try to survive before you go insane.
People who are here just hurt you more.
They don’t realize how much they’re cared for.
You laugh, cry, smile, and hurt inside.
When the feelings get strong, they’re hard to hide.
Eventually you learn it’ll never go away.
So you work it out and start a new day.
You change your heart, though it’s a hard strife.
But the thing you’ve learned is love is life.

12-5-1985 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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