Purity Even In Marriage

Wow, I can still be faithful even if I get married?
I can still be pure in the eyes of God?
That is so inspiring, so refreshing to know.
I was so sure to give myself to my husband
Was to give him my faithfulness.
Like there was something being taken away from God.
It was sad to think finding love God has intended for me
Would require making myself unclean to God.
How could I have not realized to follow God’s plan
And to trust in the love He sends me
Would be to follow in purity and faithfulness to both?
And while the man I marry may receive
My purity in flesh as his crown,
My God will still maintain my purity in spirit.
How wonderful to know I can be allowed to be in love
And still be in unity with God.
Now I don’t have to worry about wanting to be married
And being faithful to God in death.
I can do both.
Thank you, Christian Sister, for the words of wisdom.

5-28-1998 Thursday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Dawn McBride – My Christian Sister at FOCUS
Thank You, God, for the uplift within my new family member in Christ
It’s no wonder this use to be my way of thinking. The world focuses on the power and cleanliness of the flesh. Purity with God is about giving everything to Him, including our love lives, our marriages, our minds, our bodies, our spirits… everything!
HE makes everything pure!

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