He Understands My Pain

Dear God, I come to You, the one who sees my tears.
I ask of You for peace from my overwhelming fears.
As I hand my heart to You, You can see it has been shattered.
But You are the healer of all wounds, and hold the battered.
Delicate as I am, You tenderly take me in.
You make it clear that no one will ever hurt me again.
Seeing the scars all over my searching soul,
You give me comfort and make me whole.
Your Son shows His nail scarred hands to me
And says, “I understand your pain completely.”
Holding out His once wounded hand, He takes mine.
As His blood and love pours over me, I know I’ll be fine.
We embrace and walk to our Father of Love.
We kneel in His presence in heaven above.
After permission is given to this very unworthy child,
I rush forward to hug and thank God with a smile.
God, I’m so glad I came to You when I did.
I know I will not live to regret it… only to enjoy it.

5-24-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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