God, For You I Will

God, for You I will.
For You I will have faith.
I will trust that You love me,
And that You truly care.
I will trust that You will heal me.
I will believe that You will carry me,
And be there when I cry.
God, I trust You to know the way.
I leave my heart and soul with You.
You are the only way out of this heartache.
You are the only way I can make it through.
For You I will trust walking away from
All the false promises.
Instead I will lay my hand in Yours,
And accept the promise You have always kept,
To love me forever.
God, if You will help me and give me the strength
That this love constantly strips me of,
I will trust You to be the love I need.
God, there’s no doubt this is going to hurt.
It already does.
And I’m scared to trust me.
But for You I will.

5-20-1998 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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