You Saved The Day

God, You saved me.

It was just another routine day

Of my running myself crazy

And getting in my own way,

But You saved the day.

It was a day that breaks my will,

A day to test my faith.

My day was so busy that within the Spirit

I did not get to bathe.

But You saved the day.

How many times will life challenge me?

How many times will I grow tired?

Every time I allow myself to worry

I forget the love of whom I admire,

But You save the day.

Temptations make a great debate

And try to steal my joy.

I don’t even sing in praise

Because I do not seem to enjoy.

But You save the say.

Lord, I am so unworthy

Of a love that is only faithful and true.

Though You never fail me or leave me,

I tend to easily neglect You.

But You save the day.

If I had to die for my sins,

There’s no doubt I’d be tried.

The world would be ready to condemn me

And have me crucified.

But Jesus saved the day!

    Thank You, Jesus! ❤


5-8-1998 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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