A Man With A Voice

There’s a man with a voice… he talks to me through the night.

Actually, he speaks to the world through the night.

He brings to us all the sound of a beautiful Man.

He gives us the message that gives us hope.

He shares with us the joy that his Savior shares with him.

He communicates to us the most important gift we could ever learn to receive…

The message of Christ.


Through the power of the blood of Jesus, this man with a voice was saved.

He testifies to us what this did and does for his life.

His eyes and smile light up the room though transmitted only by radio waves,

That’s how much excitement he feels and shares by the grace of God.

Playing song after song to glorify his Lord, he tells us that we too can know

The love and joy and… PRAISE THE LORD… eternal life with the Savior ourselves.


As his hours on the air narrows down and he signs off from the world,

He leaves behind a joy for the heart, a song for the soul,

and the most beautiful gift a soul can receive…

An open door to Christ, and eternal life.

I pray for that man with a voice,

And that somehow we, the voices on the phone,

Give him something uplifting back to join him in praising God.

4-25-1998 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Radio friends

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