God Made Man… And Then a Godly Man

God made man and then He made a Godly man.

What a gift for woman.

This man gave every breath in praise to the Father.

This man bowed on his knees to worship his Savior.

This man claimed Jesus as the son of God.

This man sacrificed his life to serve to witnessing to others.

So that they may share in the love of his Savior.



Here was a man who loved his fellow man so much that

He did not want him to burn hell,

He even knelt in prayer for his enemies to ask his God

To please save them and lead them to love.

This man spent so much of his time indulging in the music of his Lord,

He was music to the heart himself.

It was hard for him not know every word to almost every song.

He was just as enthusiastic about his sword… his Bible…

The word of his Lord.

Compassion rang out from his lips, as mercy fell from his heart.

And as he met the searching halfway

He allowed his God to use him in leading the sheep home…

Out of the storm… just before the rapture.



God made man… the one we have all met

And fought with to save our souls.

And then he made a Godly man… the one we pray to meet

That he might tell us of how Jesus already died for us to save our souls.

And he tells us the man who lives to fight us

Will either be defeated or cleansed

So that God’s plan might be completed even in him.

Thank God for the Godly man

Who was created and lives in the image of God.



4-23-1998 Thursday

Written by Gail Brookshire

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