The Girl Who Loved to Play

Javonte is a nice little boy
Who lives so close to me.
I like to play with him
Because he is so fun to see.

Let’s take a vote to show
How much you like my friend.
Check yes if you like to play with him.
Check no if you want this to end.

✓❏YES     ❏END

I am so glad to see you like
My friend who makes me smile.
Let’s all go to my house
Where we can play for awhile.

12-31-1998 Thursday, New Year’s Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire and Javonte Sullivan
Javonte was my little neighbor who was the nephew of a long time dear friend since my teenage years. I knew him since he was very little (when his aunt adopted him on behalf of his mom). He loved that I wrote poetry, so I got him to write one with me to show him how easy and fun it is. He wrote the first line and I would write the next. He loved it! He had such fun! I loved watching him smile and being so happy with himself! I miss him!  ❤
I know you love him too, God! Protect him and his heart. His aunt gave every moment she could teaching him of your love, and to follow you no matter the cost!
Oh… and he chose the title! 😉

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