Sharing Love Is Sharing God

Yes, I am a woman in love with a man.

But there is a man with whom I have been in love with for so long,

That I could never walk away.

No, He doesn’t say we could never be together.

Yes, even God allows and gives love.

But if I can’t even share love with a man,

How could I ever share God with him?

To love me is to want me,

To want to show me love,

To want to be there with me as much as possible,

Even if it’s just to look each other in the eye.

There should not be any problems with a woman

Wanting to trust a man she’s in love with.

But how can she show trust for a man she’s never allowed to be with?

Unless they are together, the man can never know her loyalty,

Her dedication, how faithful she is.

He can never see and appreciate the faithfulness she holds and defends

For a God she’s never seen.

He can never hold her and tell her how much he loves her,

And see that such a person is exactly what he wants.

And how can she accept him,

If she cannot even give anything of herself to him?

Love is a precious thing,

But it’s more fragile and priceless than one could ever know.

And if love can’t be shared between two people,

How could they ever share God?

After all, God is love.


1-25-1998 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: Conversation with a friend asking me for advice on a relationship she was having with someone who would get upset if she showed up without calling, upset if she called without it being planned, and required every date (including hanging out at his house) to be preplanned (or more like scheduled in).

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