The Gift of My Mother Is of Heavenly Value

The mother in you is just the mother God knew I would need in life.

From the beginning things were not always perfect between us,

But God held grace for the young girl according to the word of God.

With all of the difficulties between us,

God allowed you to be the one to bring me to the first altar at which I knelt

From simply following my mom where she went.

Because of your desire to follow Christ,

At 8 years old my desire to follow my mother led me to hear of Jesus.

While God was meeting you and your needs at the altar,

He allowed a lady of the church we were visiting to meet me and mine for Him.

I gave my life to the greatest love I have ever known

Because you gave your life to the greatest love you had ever known.

I praise God that He had enough love to send us the greatest love

We all have ever known, who gave His life for us all.

Thank you for the greatest gift you have ever given me.

No money or materials in this world can ever be as valuable

As that piece of treasure I inherited from you.

Now I can pass it on to my children.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my mother Brenda Joan Lance Brookshire King
As her Christmas Poem for a present.
Praise God for your witness

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