Gifts From God In My Cousins

Endless hours of memories are a part of our souls.

We have shared so much of life.

From parties, to families, to friends,

And so much stress and strife,

We have endured a battle of going crazy,

Falling apart,

Celebrating the birth of children in the family,

And healing broken hearts.

So many times I fail to live up

To that loyalty and trust.

Yet you love and forgive me

When no one said you must.

Lord knows I’ve done my share

Of driving you pure crazy,

But never have you abandoned me

When my storms are so hazy.

Only God can live in such hearts as yours.

I couldn’t ask for anything more.

True to the end, to the end you are true.

Cousins are friends. I’m glad God gave me both in you.


12-24-1998 Thursday, Christmas Eve
Written by Gail Brookshire
For my dearest cousins who are also friends

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