Thank You, God, For Preserving Me

God, thank You for preserving me for a life
Where I can still have an opportunity to share the rest of my life
With someone who’ll ask me at the end of each day,
“Have you said your prayers today?”
“Done your daily devotional?”
“Maybe you just need to spend time with God.”
“Why don’t you just take a moment to bathe in the Holy Spirit?”
My husband can still be my friend and my spiritual strength.
No longer do I have to worry about, “Should I be in this relationship?”
I do not have to question, “Is it bad that he drinks occasionally?”
“Am I suffocating him with religion?”
“Does he think I talk about God too much?”
“Do I pressure him?”
Not only do I not have to worry about, “How will we ever end up in church together?”
I will be able to marry someone who will not want to miss church.
He will enjoy being in a room full of people who love and serve Christ.
Maybe even more than I do.
God’s music will not bore him or drive him out of the room
Because it will be the very music that comes out of his mouth,
That plays in his mind because it lives in his heart.
He loves to hear God’s glory given.
The bible will be something we cherish together.
We will grow together in it every day.
It will be our sword.
What a beautiful day when we write the names of our children
Into our own family bible.
My son will be his friend, and he will be a dad to my son.
We will make a great family
All because we will keep God as the Father to us all.
This family will stay together because this family will pray together.
Thank You, God, for preserving me for such a glorious honor and blessing.
I pray that Your will be done in me to make me
The godly wife, mother, and servant of God that You will have me to be.
Praise Your Holy name… In Jesus name, AMEN!

10-21-98 Wednesday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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