Surviving With You

God, here we are again.
It’s weeks later… hours passed, and nights of moments alone.
We’ve made it through so many hours.
I’ve not cried as much as I have before.
When I do, it feels like I’m growing past not falling apart.
The nights I cry myself to sleep are not as many,
And when I do I still know we’re doing good.
Yes, it still hurts just as bad as the day it all came to be,
But that is because of the person You made me to be.
God, thank You for making me the kind of heart
That when I love someone that I truly love them
And cannot just get over it.
It breaks my heart to know a love I believe in cannot be.
It hurts to know someone can love me one day and not the next,
But I still love him anyway.
I’ll always love him, God.
When I say I love someone forever, I mean forever.
I’m glad You made me that way.
But I know so well how You have taught me many times
That just because we love someone it doesn’t mean we can be together.
We will always lose people we love.
Thank You, God, we’ll never lose You.
Thank You for loving me… yesterday, today, and forevermore.
Thank You that I know You will never leave and will always be there
As You have been the last few weeks.
I could have never survived without You.
You were the only way to make it.
I know I will continue to fight the good fight.
You are so worth it.
You have so much faith in me when I tend to have so little faith in You.
You amaze me.
With Your love in my life, I know we’ll be just fine.

10-16-98 Friday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God brought me into the most beautiful relationship with my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through the last 20 years since! ❤ Best relationship I’ve ever had!

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