In the Arms of a Faithful Friend

A soul searches…
A place to erase the pain.
There’s so much pain inside this heart.
Her eyes fill with rain.
Love was sweet and deceitful.
It promised to be strong and true.
Laid down in arms of love.
So many whispers of I love you.
Darkness set in the sunny skies.
The light was stolen from her.
The man who promised always
Slapped her with NEVER!
Tenderness and torture.
A plot so carefully carried out.
She was so in love with trust,
She believed she had no reason to doubt.
Pillows upon a bed alone
Hears her cries and catches her tears.
There is a place she finds to hide.
There is a voice she hears.
Laid within the open arms
Of a Bible that God has sent,
She cries herself to sleep and peace
In the arms of a faithful friend.

10-17-98 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire
Inspiration: God’s Holy Word
I love to lay with the open pages of my bible.
He is my shoulder to cry on! ❤

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