He’s Your Friend Too

You smile to see me so happy.
You cry to see me hurt.
But when I tell you it’s Jesus
Who sees me to the joy,
You seem to wish you could believe.
You laugh at the child in me.
You walk with the woman who understands.
But when I tell you it’s the Spirit
Who allows me to know the Lord’s way,
You seem to think I’ve lost my mind.
You see me experience love.
You see me experience heartache.
But when I tell you I still believe in love
And live to serve the Lord,
You seem to wish you could understand
How on earth I could be strong.
I tell you again it’s God.
He holds me in His hand.
But the words of His Bible are not just mine.
His songs can be sung by anyone.
Every knee is able to kneel to Him in prayer.
Every heart is able to welcome Him in.
All you really need to have Jesus as a friend
Is to let Him be one.
He already loves you.

10-17-18 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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