Someone Is Out There

Someone is out there for me.
Someone does long to hold me.
Someone does love me endlessly.
My God does have someone
Who will share in heavenly pleasures
Set aside for the Holy unit of God.
He will cherish every minute,
Every move,
Every kiss.
He will never allow me to go feeling hurt…
Emotionally or physically.
He will love me too much to see me in pain.
He will want to love all of the hurt out of me that he can.
He will care that God comes first in my life.
Because that is what he’ll want of me.
He will accept nothing less
Because he wants nothing less for himself.
He will love God more than me.
God will come first in his life.
And I will praise “our” God
For such a Holy man,
A Holy marriage,
And a Holy walk.
What a Holy and beautiful life
God has in store for me.
Not to make me happy or satisfy me,
But that our Lord in heaven may be glorified.
The blood of Jesus will have its power magnified.

9-20-98 Sunday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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