So Many Searching Souls

A night out on the town,
Just to relieve some stress,
To get a little fresh air.
Yet so many souls search for comfort
In such wasteful ways.
Alcohol cannot take away their pain.
That’s why they end up crying, puking,
Or doing something they normally wouldn’t do.
Drugs only damage the brain
And addict the nerves.
Sleeping around only reminds them
How alone they really are.
And when they realize they have shared such a personal moment
With someone who doesn’t care either,
It only makes them more depressed.
Jealousy invades their integrity
And then only causes hardship on all.
What a shame they can’t go to God in prayer.
If we all are going to end up on our knees,
Why don’t we do it from the beginning
And save a lot of unnecessary pain?
If only the Bible could guide them.
They are always looking for answers,
Yet ignore them, as they lay in the good book.
If they would call on God and allow His presence to be their comfort,
He would be faithful to answer.
The Holy Spirit could fill them with a far greater joy than liquor.
Oh God, so many souls are lost and searching.
They walk in pain and live in agony.
They desperately want a way out.
I know this world is a cold place to be sometimes,
And I know all too well the pain and loneliness.
But, Jesus, You are the only way to a peaceful life,
A joy filled heart, and an eternal haven.
I pray for all the lonely and heartbroken souls.
I pray for their peace, comfort, and joy for living.
I pray they come to You for these things
Because You are the only way they’ll find them.
In my sweet Jesus’ name I pray – Amen.

9-26-98 Saturday
Written by Gail Brookshire

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